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NEWS IN: The Final Register For This Year’s Election. You Can Check Your Name, Polling Station, Your Number On The Name Reference List- EC

The final register for this year’s election. You can check your name, polling station, your number on the name reference list to avoid delay during the voting day.


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Open the link below

Open the link below

1. From there you select your region in which you registered from.

2. Then you select the constituency you registered your voters id from.

3. Then select your voting centre and then check out your name voters ID number, the page number where your name can be found from the the voters register on December, 7th 2020 and your age.


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So on the day of voting just go and mention your page number and your name will be identified for you do cast your vote fast and go home.

We urge all registered voters to come out on 7th December and peacefully exercise their civic duty.


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Source: Honestynewsgh