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CAGD sends vital message to all employees on TPRS – A must read

Third Party Reference System

The management of the Controller and Accountant General’s Department CAGD has issued a vital message to all government employees concerning the use of Ghana Card on the Third Party Reference System TPRS.

According the CAGD, the department has been drawn on the update of black and white (photocopy) Ghana Card on the Third Party Reference System TPRS as part of the eligible.

“Currently all transactions with black and white (photocopy) Ghana card of GoG
employees are being queried”, CAGD said.

In reference to a release by the Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT, on 17th April, 2023 the association publicly disclosed that the CAGD is rejecting Black and White Photocopies of National Identification Card for loan processing.

“This has delayed the approval process for loans”, the statement by GNAT stated.

The management of CAGD reiterates that the business process for a successful transaction on the Third Party Referencing
System (TPRS) requires that a GoG employee generates a mandate with an OTP and present to the Third Party Institution (TPI) a valid Ghana card to be uploaded.

The image uploaded should be coloured. This is one of the controls on the TPRS that helps reduce impersonation.

From CAGD, the Third Party Institution have up to 30th June 2023 to comply with the above business process.