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Exclusive – Validation and Registration of NSS Posted Nurses 2024

Explore – Validation and Registration of NSS Posted Nurses 2024

From the management of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Validation and Registration of NSS Posted Nurses 2024 is set to commence.

The Management of the National Service Scheme (NSS) has, released postings of TWENTY THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-EIGHT (20,478) nurses and midwives who enrolled to undertake their one-year mandatory national service at various accredited health facilities across the country for the 2024/2025 service year.

How To Check My NSS Placement 

Here are the steps to check your NSS placement as a nurse,  a midwife or a newly Posted service personnel.

1. Visit the national service portal at www.nss.gov.gh

2. Choose “sign in as a personal ” option

3. Input your email address and password used during the registration process and then click enter.

4. Click on “print posting letter ” to access your designated place of posting.

Validation and Registration of NSS Posted Nurses 2024 Process

All the deployed nurses and midwives are therefore required to follow the validation and registration processes as follows:

i. Log onto the Scheme’s website at www.nss.gov.gh to check for placement.

ii. Print the appointment letter and proceed to the place of posting for endorsement of the appointment letter

ii. Book an appointment online for a date and time for registration after the endorsement.

iv. Proceed to the assigned NSS Regional Validation and Registration Centre with an endorsed appointment letter and a valid Ghana card to complete the process.

How To Book NSS Appointment 

1. Visit the NSS portal at www.nss.gov.gh

2. On the left side of the dashboard, check for BOOK APPOINTMENT

3. Select your preferred date

4. Click on “Find Available Slot”

5. Choose time and date and confirm the appointment.

6. Print your appointment slip and attach it to the endorsement appointment letter and proceed to the regional office on your appointment date and time.

Date for Validation and Registration of NSS Posted Nurses 2024

Regional validation and registration of Posted Nurses 2024 will begin on Monday, May 13, 2024 and end on Monday, June
10, 2024 at all centres across the country.

Date 2024 NSS Posted Nurses Will Begin Work

Management equally directs all deployed nurses and midwives to begin their mandatory national service on Monday, May 20, 2024 after completion of their validation and registration processes.

How Much Is NSS Allowance Per Month?

The management of the National Service Scheme has increased the NSS monthly allowance from Ghc 559.04 to Ghc 715.57. This is to say that all nurses and midwives undertaken their national service in the year 2024 will take Ghc 715.57 monthly.

What qualifies me for the NSS allowance?

1. Must be a registered National Service Personnel.

2. Must be a personnel still serving or must have served for a specific month  which its allowance was unpaid.

3. Must have submitted an endorsed monthly assessment form to the district office.

How Many Months is NSS?

All national service personnels are to note that the national service programme is a one-year mandatory service required for all citizens of Ghana who are 18 years and above and have successfully completed accredited tertiary institution.

Can NSS be Done Twice?

All persons are to note that the NSS programme is scheduled to be done only once by a personnel. Participation in multiple NSS is not permitted. Individuals are only to serve once, hence attempting to participate twice is subjected to penalties.

What To Do After National Service 

Below are the key things to do after successfully completing your one year mandatory national service as a personnel.

1. Job hunting

2. Becoming a business owner by setting up your own business

3. Enrolling on a Post-Graduate programme

4. Staying at home

Management extends best of wishes to all the deployed nurses and midwives as they undertake their civil and patriotic responsibilities to serve mother Ghana.

For further enquiries, kindly visit your National Service Scheme Secretariat at your District level for more information.

Source: Honestynewsgh.com