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We’ll demand salary increment in 2024 instead of COLA – Oganized Labour

salary increment in 2024

We’ll demand salary increment in 2024 instead of COLA – Oganized Labour.

Organized Labour has made it clear to the Labour Commission that it will reject the government’s plan to introduce Cost of Living Allowance COLA to works in next year’s salaries negotiations instead of increasing the salaries of public sector workers.

The Oganized Labour said it will reject COLA because it wont have any positive impact on pensions payments and other benefits.

COLA is understand to be an allowance given to government employees as  a short term relief when immediate salary increase cannot be made to satisfy workers.

The Deputy General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) told journalists in a interview in Accra that Organized Labour will demand a rise in salary instead of a mere COLA.

“I don’t think it will be wise for us to go for COLA because COLA does not affect our pensions, doesn’t affect our earnings. So we think that it is better for us to go straight and get what is due us. And remember that I made the point that if the government wants to go to the IMF we want to caution the government that their decisions and their conditions should not impact our minimum wage in this country and I think that we will stand by that,” he added.

On other hand, Organized Labour rejected monetary compensation package from Sunon Asogli.

Sunon Asogli had offered to pay the dismissed Union leaders a total of Ghc1.2 million as compensation but Organized Labour has rejected the offer, saying that it wants the union leaders reinstated.

Speaking to the media, Deputy Secretary General of the TUC, Joshua Ansah, said that Organized Labour is not ready to “monetize their rights.”

“We are not after money. We are fighting for the principle of the rights of workers,” he said.

Ansah also expressed disappointment with Sunon Asogli for refusing to reinstate the union leaders, saying that the company’s decision is “wrongful.”

“We are disappointed that Sunon Asogli is refusing to reinstate the union leaders. Their termination was wrongful, and we believe that they should be reinstated,” he said.