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All Teacher Unions offices must be locked down across the country by 1st Sept. Other general recommendations for teachers welfare towards brighter future


Greetings to colleague category 4% beneficiaries most especially Teachers!
It is evidently clear that Teachers’ enemy of progress is not government but rather our Union Executives who fail to represent our interest but rather their own selfish and parochial interests.

Unlike other sector workers, teachers are divided into so many fragmented weak Unions (GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT GH, INNOVATIVE TEACHERS) thereby failing to fight for the general welfare of the ordinary teacher, meanwhile we say “All professionals can bost but it is the teacher that taught them all”.

However we fail to come together as one force as in the case of the other professionals we taught.

George Orwell once said ” The day people realize that, if they are in large numbers, they can demand anything from the government, is the day government is in big trouble, that is why they keep you divided”

With reference to the above quotes, I humbly recommend the following actions to be collectively taken for the general welfare of the ordinary teachers.

✍️ All teachers Unions (GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT GH, INNOVATIVE TEACHERS) offices be locked under keys across the Country by 1st September, 2021 if the Unions Leaders fail to go back to the renegotiation table for a better percentage increment against the 4% and 7% respectively.

✍️ By 15th September, 2021, if our Union Executives fail to renegotiate as already said by GNAT President, then we will be left with no any other option than to entreat all teachers in unison to denounce the current Unions for the formation of only one big Union which may possibly be “Pre-tertiary Education Teachers Association of Ghana” OR  “Pre-tertiary Education Teachers Union of Ghana”.

The new umbrella Teachers Union membership forms shall surely reach all Districts across the Country for all Teachers to fill and join. OR after locking the offices of the existing Unions, one of them (GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT GH, INNOVATIVE TEACHERS) would be chosen as the only Union for all teachers to join with a new Leadership and the Constitution amended to empower the teachers but not the Executives.

✍️. Leadership of the said Union must fight for the benefit and contributions made by teachers to their current Unions.

✍️ The Constitution of the yet to be only Union must make room for the following:

i. All Teachers must take part in the election of the Union’s Executives at all levels.

ii. Union Executives must be on Secondment to serve their tenure of office and shall go back to the classroom to teach any time they loose their positions in elections.

iii. The Union Executives must be accountable to the teachers in general.

iv. Salaries and increment hall be flat across board including the Executives on Secondment to serve the Union.

Enough is enough!
No retreat, no surrender!
Justice delayed is Justice denied!
The time to act is now!

Please Teachers’ suggestions are welcome as we take our destiny onto our own hands to fight for our welfare.


Source: Honestynewsgh.com

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