5 Effects of GES Study Leave without Pay

Effects of Ghana Education Service GES Study leave without pay.

Ges study leave without pay

The effects of GES Study Leave without pay is real but  not advisable for a staff or teacher to patronise it if he or she wants to climb the teaching service ladder smoothly.

The Ghana Education Service has opened application process for all In-Service Teachers who want to do further studies through the means of study leave without pay for the 2022/2023 academic year.

However, as a teacher it is important to get abreast with all the laid down implications of embarking on a study leave without pay before any action is taken.

Effects Of GES Study Leave Without Pay

1. Loss of salary and SSNIT contributions

2. Denial of straight posting after course.

3. Challenges of re-engagement especially through replacement where a staff’s number is required.

4. Denial of promotion whiles in school

5. Years in school not counted as years of service. However those who are granted study leave with pay while in school will be seen as still at post and their years in school will be counted.

Note : Study leave without pay is granted to members of staff to pursue courses not approved by GES.

How To Get GES Study Leave Without Pay Forms

1. Applicants are to obtain study Leave without pay application forms from District or Regional  Education offices nationwide.

2. Applicants should complete applicaton forms (4 copies). Attach Certiffed True Copies of Certiffcate(s) and attach a copy of their admission letter.

3. Applications should be submitted to the applicant’s Regional Director through the District Director /Head of Institution every year.

4. The Regtonal / District Directors should ensure that the list of all applicants reach the Dîrector Human Resource Management and
Development Division (HRMD) GES

Below are some important materials teachers will need



Term 2 Scheme Of Learning For Nursery, KG, Primary and JHS || DOWNLOAD


Reliable: All GES Sample Letters- Download


Reliabe: Download GES/NaCCA resource packs and teachers’ guide for the new curriculum


: Download JHS 1-3 Curriculum for first and second semester of all subjects HERE


Download The Yearly And Termly SCHEME of Learning For KG and Basic School



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