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Scaling of 2022/2023 successful promotion applicants

GES promotion scaling

Here is the latest update on scaling of 2022/2023 successful promotion applicants.

A reliable and authentic information from the GES Headquarters on Friday 01/09/2023, indicates that the processing of successful applicants promotion scaling with salary adjustment has begun.

This implies that at the end of this month September 2023, the first batch of successful applicants will be scaled.

However, successful applicants should kindly note that the scaling is being done in batches. It continues monthly till the last successful applicant is scaled.

What this means is that, this year successful applicants may be scaled before they’ll receive their Promotion Letters. It’s also highly probable that there may be no Master List at various Regional Education Directorates.

To this regard, applicants who were successful and their messages either have been sent, but haven’t received them or as a result of sending oversight, will be lucky to be scaled this month or the subsequent months to erase or quaff their suspense and apprehension.

Because of the huge number of successful applicants with only one Schedule Officer, who has been tasked to process the scaling, very anxious-to-scaled applicants, as well as those sitting on tenterhooks who are yet to know their fate, should be patient until they’re all scaled.

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