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New – Requirements for GES Postings 2024

Requirements for GES Postings 2024.

Honestynewsgh.com I this article will outline all the requirements for GES postings 2024 for all trained teachers with bachelor’s of education certificate.

The management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has commenced preparation to open the recruitment portal for the 2024 posting of trained teachers.


1. Requirements for GES Postings 2024

2. Verification of Trained Teachers for Upcoming GES Postings 2024

3. Postings of GES staff returning from study leave with pay 

According to GES, it will ensure that all requirements are met by the trained teacher before he or she receives posting.

List of Basic Requirements for GES Postings 2024.

Per the guideline, candidates who wish to be considered for work as a teacher under the GES ought to have;

1. Completed and passed the final-year College of Education Examination.

2. Have a bachelor’s degree certificate from a college of education or any recognised and accredited university in Ghana.

3. Passed the Teacher Licensure Examination

4. Completed the mandatory National Service

Also all candidates should be prepared and ready to work wherever they will be posted by the GES.

Requirements for ges postings 2024

List of Important Attached Documents for GES postings 2024

The following documents listed below would be required for fulfillment of the upcoming GES postings 2024. This report seeks to entreat interested people to make all the documents ready to prevent any inconveniences.

1. Birth Certificate

2. Senior High Certificate (WASSCE)

3. Junior High school Certificate (BECE)

4. SSNIT Number/TIN / Ghana Card

5. NTC Certificate among others.

Again it is important to note that all trained teachers who qualify for GES postings 2024 are required to verify their if their credentials have been sent to GES by NTC.

How To Verify if Your Credentials Have Been Successfully Sent to GES by NTC.

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