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Higher Demand Short Courses in Ghana 2023 on Job Market

Here is how to get on the job market quickly with higher demand short courses in Ghana 2023. Gain more skills and working experience to make you more employable as a youth in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

A youth looking to match his or her skills to the job market have to check up these short courses that are of a higher demand. Short Courses have become a great way for a person to build his or her existing skills and discover new ideas and methodologies.

Below are the higher demand short courses in Ghana 2023 to prepare individuals for the job market quickly.

Higher Demand Short Courses in Ghana, 2023

1. Beauty Courses

2. Marketing

3. Computer Courses

4. Sales Management

5. Catering Courses

6. Fashion Courses

Beauty Courses

The beauty industry is growing rapidly every year and now is the perfect time to study  beauty Courses to get onto the job market quickly. There is a wide range of beauty Courses.  Some are Facial Skincare, Make Up, Nail Care, Salon Management and Beauty Therapy. 


There are so many products and services on the market now and ones need to do better to stand out. One needs to get a marketing skill to be able to compete well on the market. A short marketing management course both Traditional marketing and Digital marketing can put you well on the way to successfully promoting a brand.

Sales Management

Sales are the backbone of a business. This is because a good sales team helps a company reach its financial goals. Studying sales management will teach you how to manage a team and create a sales plan. You’ll also learn customer service skills to help you improve sales in any industry.

Computer Courses 

Everything in this world now is about the use of computer. Hence studying short computer Courses can get you a high skills on the job market. Some of these short computer Courses are Video and Games Animation, Graphic Designing, Photo Editing,  Software Developing, IT Security etc.

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Fashion Courses 

Fashion Courses aim to create a responsible designers who will serve the country and society by innovation. Fashion has become the order of the day in our living. To look good and presentable all lies in the hands of  fashion designers. A person can learn short courses like fashion designing,  Fashion Drawing, Garment Construction and fashion forecasting.

Pastry Courses 

Pastry making is one of the easiest way to get on the job market as a youth in Ghana. Individuals can take these courses to acquire everything a baker needs in baking. Usually consisting of flour,  water and butter pastry makes up the foundation of a range of popular dishes such as pies, cakes, chips,  croissants etc.

Source : Honestynewsgh.com