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GES Promotion Errors || All teachers who applied for promotion must check these errors and make changes now or risk being shortlisted or successful at the end of the promotion process – GES

Information communicated from the Headquarters of the Ghana Education Service to Honestynewgh.com wishes to direct all teachers who have applied for promotion to revisit the portal to affect changes to some errors made.

According to the information, the GES has gone through some applications on the portal and have encountered some errors that need immediate attention.

A teacher with such errors if not corrected will risk either being shortlisted or successful at the end of the promotion process.

Below Are The Errors All Teachers Must Take Note 

1. Issue on Last Promotion Date

Some Teachers who have last promotion dates refused to use them, instead they used their appointment date as their notional date. It is obvious that some teachers have not gone on promotion before after they were appointed into the service and these Teachers have their appointment date as their notional date. Pertaining to that, every teacher should capture their Last promotion date as their notional date.

2. Issue on Tittle of Qualification

Some Teachers deliberately refused to capture the Title of their Qualification. For example: Bachelor of Education in Basic Education (Social Studies), instead captured DEGREE. Some also wrote Bachelor of Education.

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3. Issues  on Certificate 

Some Teachers were asked, “Do you have Master’s Cert?” and their response was “NO” but in the column of Qualifications, they captured a Master’s Certificate Title.

4. Issues on Name (Identity)

Some Teachers have their names captured (First Name and Other Names) different from what is captured on their uploaded last promotion letter and did not attach a copy of a sworn affidavit.

5. Issues on Unclear Uploads

Some Teachers also uploaded very blur or unclear promotion letters.

Some Teachers uploaded very blur and oversized (bigger than bill boards) passport sized pictures.

Henceforth, teachers who are victims of the errors mentioned above, with a speed of light are advised to go back to their portals to affect the necessary changes immediately.

Applicants should visit the promotion portal www.gespromotion.gov.gh to affect the changes.

Source : Honestynewsgh.com

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