GES Promotion Aptitude Test Past Mark Depends On The Quota Of What Gov’t Can Afford To Pay

The Pass Mark for the GES Promotion Aptitude Test  depends on the quota of what the Government can afford to pay.

Teachers are qualified for promotion after five years in their current ranks. Teachers who serve for five years in their current rank are by convention, invited to apply for the promotion. Qualified applicants are selected for Aptitude Test for final selection.



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The number of teachers to be promoted each year depends on the budget/ability to pay/Financial Clearance of Ghana Education Service, the pass mark for the examination are considered with the quota given by the Ministry of Education. The pass mark can be high or low depending on the budget.

Thirty three percent (33%) out of thirty-four thousand teachers who wrote the Ghana Education Service Aptitude test for promotion failed in the aptitude test.

Teachers have challenged the examination results, others believe the massive failure is as a result of technology.

The results of the promotion exams was released on Ghana Education Service Promotion portal (, The only requirements for teachers to check their promotion results is to buy e-voucher card and use the card serial number to assess their promotion results.


With the e-voucher card, teachers can access the portal three times for the card to expired. The online portal was designed to give a feedback message to teachers about the outcome of their aptitude test, the automated messages in the system are:

1. “Congratulations! you were successful in the GES Promotion, your promotion letter to the Rank will be sent to your district office in due time” . This is a message for teachers who passed the promotion exams.


2. “Better luck next time, you were not successful in the GES Promotion exam”. This message is the feedback message for those who failed in the aptitude test.

3. “Produce further documents for verification” with deadline, these teachers submitted the documents requested by Ghana Education Service and later visited the site to check their results. After they have submitted their documents, the result came out as failed.

Why should a quota be given before teachers are promoted, in other sectors employees get promoted after serving the required number of years. Some people are of the view that teachers are many and for that matter a one Ghana cedis increase in their salary will be a huge sum of money for the government to pay. Though the economy is not in a good shape but this shouldn’t be a treatment for teachers.

The thirty-three percent of teachers who failed this promotion exams or eliminated by tactics may not have the right frame of mind to teach which is likely to affect their output of work. Some of the aggrieved teachers besieged the premises of Ministry of Education to demand for their promotion letters, these teachers abandoned the classroom and students were left in the class without teachers.

A teacher taught the Presidents, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountant and other professionals but teachers have the lowest salary, other professionals have allowances aside their basic salary, teachers have no allowance on their pay slips.

Majority of schools in the rural areas have no professional teachers but we always say “teachers are many and for that matter government cannot afford their demands”.

Teacher’s Promotion should not be base on the number of teachers government can afford to pay but rather on merit, any teacher who get the pass mark should be automatically promoted. Promotion is the only means a teachers can rise in terms of salary though the amount of pay rise is a little below two hundred Ghana cedis but it can do something better for the teacher
The fact is you should get at least 50% to be among the passed candidates. Then the government brings his quota for the passed candidates (let’s say 3,000 candidates passed, then the government will say I can pay only 2,000) so not all those who pass will be promoted but depends on the government’s quota. This is what we call; Pass no way

If you get below 50%, it is automatic fail so you should get at LEAST 50% and pray that you will be among the government’s quota.

Credit to the writer Dr. TIKYA SABO. The Author of GES PROMOTION CAPSULES.  CALL HIM ON 024 142 3490.

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