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Teachers to witness mass transfer this academic year, a staff shall not refuse to go on transfer – GES cautions

A staff shall not refuse to go on transfer. Here are the transfer service conditions and other side issues all teachers have to look at.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) under law is responsible for the co-ordination and implementation of the approved national policies and programmes relating to pre-tertiary education.

In respect to that, the GES finds it necessary to codify certain norms which will help achieve higher standard of competence and good behaviour in the service.

The Ministry of Education and GES believe that teachers rationalization is also one of the key ways to help achieve higher standard and competence in the service.

The service for some number of years now had embarked on a teacher rationalization programme in the country. The service, however wishes to remind all teachers in reference to the GES Code Of Conduct for staffs that ” a teacher shall not refuse to go on transfer “. 

Honestynewsgh upon an exclusive discussion with some officials of the Ghana Education Service at the district level believes that teachers in various districts, municipal and metropolitan are likely to witness a mass transfer within their districts.

According to some officials, ” even though the GES has officially opened the transfer window and are receiving applications from qualified teachers who want to be transferred, Directors and HRs in the various districts will also do their own transfers thus the intra-district transfer to help achieve certain goals.

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GES transfer service conditions

According to GES, a transfer within the service means a change in job or location of work of the staff. This is to move teachers from overstaffed schools where their services are not needed to places where there are no teachers.

GES Service Conditions On Transfers 

✍️Per the collective agreements of the teaching profession, the GES ensures that transportation and transfer grants are paid to the teachers to be transferred.

✍️According to “Section 18; 12, of the collective agreements of the teaching profession states that the transfer of 2months gross salary shall be paid each member on approved transfer.

✍️“An employee shall be paid a transfer grants at the appropriate rate where the transfer is at the instance of management provided is not on disciplinary grounds.

✍️“And the transfer results in the change of stations and as well as movements of household effect.

✍️“Even if the transfer is at the instance of the employee concerned provided he has served a minimum of four years in one districts and provided such transfer results in the change of place of abode.

✍️“Section 18; 3, further states that allowance based on the percentage of monthly gross salary shall be paid to teachers posted to areas designated as deprived,” he said passionately.

Claims from some executives of our teacher unions

According to some executives who spoke to Honestynewgh.com the GES is flouting service conditions by refusing to pay what teachera are due, placing them in an undue hardship following transfer.

Some highlighted that the exercise is commendable but things on grounds indicates that the right of affected teachers are being trampled upon. In this regards teachers have the right to refuse transfer if their transportation and transfer grants are not catered for.

Source: Honestynewsgh.com

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