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Tackle prevailing challenges in the sector & abhor the unfamiliar semester-based academic calendar which will increase absenteeism – ATAG fires GES

The Newly Introduced Semester based academic calendar for public basic schools (Kindergarten, Primary and JHS) in the country by the GES has received several critics from both Stakeholders and Teacher Unions.

The Newly Introduced System according the the Ghana Education Service, will relieve stress from parents and teachers and also decongest schools.

However,  All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG), on the other hand sees this decision by the GES as unfamiliar which will demotivate students and lead to an increase in absenteeism.

“The semester-based system is of no need. If you want to tackle challenges in the education sector, tackle the prevailing challenges such as teachers who are not motivated, teachers whose salary arrears are owed by the government, where we have infrastructure challenges where students learn under trees and therefore, we are saying that that government’s introduction of a semester calendar is of no need, and it is insensitive because the trimester calendar has shown to be more effective.”

“Why should a Kindergarten child who has a short attention span stay in school for six months and even within six months the child comes to school from seven o’clock to 4:30 pm. This is not right. The calendar is going to cause absenteeism and demotivate students”.

The above pronouncement was made by the General Secretary of ATAG, Albert Dadson Amoah in an interview on Citi News.

Going forward Mr. Albert hinted that the delay in issuing textbooks to teachers since the new curriculum was introduced two years ago has become a big challenge which is having a toll on academic activities.

“This curriculum has not received textbooks. So, if there is a curriculum without textbooks and syllabus, then what is the education revolution and agenda all about?”.

“The Education Ministry must be clear on certain critical issues in the service before touching on other unfamiliar things”, he blurted.


Source: Honestynewgh.com

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