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Steps To Take After Receiving GES Appointment Letter To Complete The Recruitment Process- A Must Read By All Newly Posted Teachers

In this short article, Honestynewgh will direct you as to what to do next after checking and printing  your GES appointment letter.

1. Firstly, after checking and printing of appointment letter, all newly posted teachers are required to proceed to the Regional  Education Office in the particular region posted to with all the needed documents to open a file in order to complete the GES recruitment process.

NB:  All persons are supposed to make photocopies of all the needed documents (at least four each).

2. After verifying the authenticity of the appointment letter submitted at the Regional office, an Introductory letter will then be issued to those whose names are on the master list.

3. After issuance of the Introductory letter, an authorisation is then given to persons to visit their schools posted to and then the District office.

4. After presenting all the needed letters to the school, an Assumption of Duty Letter will be issued. This will testify that the newly posted teachers has indeed reported to the school.

About the Assumption of Duty Letter

The Assumption of Duty letter bears the name of the newly posted teacher and the date he or she reported to the school.
NB: The date determines the date of which the teacher’s salary will be calculated.

5. Finally, the newly posted teacher can now visit his or her District Office to submit all the documents to the IPPD Coordinator .

A Personal Record Form will be issued by the office to the newly posted teacher to fill.

NOTE: 1.All these processes mentioned above must be completed in time without any delay to avoid any inconveniences.

2. Teachers Staff ID’s will come in batches later and it is only those who completed all the procedures above will receive it.

Below are the needed documents that will be required at various regional and district offices after the Postings are Released.

1. BECE Certificate
2. WASSCE Certificate
3. COLLEGE Certificate
4. NTC Certificate
5. NSS Certificate
6. Birth Certificate
7. Personal Record Form at Regional

8. Bank Details

9.  Medical Report _( go to any government Hospital to acquire one when the time is due)

10. Letters _(Appointment letter, Acceptance letter, Assumption of Duty letter etc. will be printed and forwarded to the regional and the district offices.

Check 👉👉    👉     GES Acceptance Letter 



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