Presbyterian College of Education 175 Years Anniversary Celebration – Check Date, Activities & More

The Presbyterian College of Education (PCE) formally known as PTC is hereby inviting the general public especially Old students of ADIKANFO to its 175th anniversary celebrations with the theme, “175 years of holistic education, honouring our past, celebrating the present and shaping the future”.



This prestigious institution has a rich history and has contributed significantly to the education sector in Ghana and beyond.


Series of activities including inaugural lectures, health walks, Blood Donation and Health Screening,Musical Concert , sporting activities, as well as College in Worship have been lined up as part of the celebrations with a grand durbar scheduled for 1st July, 2023 to climax it.

Below Are The Program of Activities

A Brief History of Presbyterian College of Education


Presbyterian College of Education (PCoE) was founded in 1844 as the first formal teacher-training institution in Ghana. The college was established in Akropong, a town in the Eastern Region of Ghana, by the Basel Missionaries who had come to Ghana to spread Christianity and educate the locals.

The college was initially called the Basel Mission Seminary, and it aimed to train pastors and teachers to spread the gospel and education across the country.

The college began with just four students, but it quickly grew in popularity, and over the years, it has graduated many distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions to society. Today, the college has a student population of over 3,000 and offers a range of programs in education, including diploma, certificate, and degree programs.

Over the last 175 years, Presbyterian College of Education has played a critical role in shaping the education system in Ghana. The college has produced many well-educated graduates who have gone on to become leaders in various fields, including academia, business, and politics, among others. The institution has also been at the forefront of promoting quality education in Ghana and has contributed significantly to the development of policies and programs that advanced education in Ghana.

One of the most notable contributions of PCE is in the area of teacher education. The college has played a significant role in developing the curriculum and training programs for teachers in Ghana. This has helped to improve the standard of education, both in terms of the quality of teaching and the level of knowledge and skills acquired by students.

PCE has also been instrumental in promoting gender equality and providing access to education for girls. The college has consistently encouraged female students to enroll in their programs and has supported them with scholarships and other forms of financial assistance. As a result, many women have been able to acquire professional qualifications, which have enabled them to pursue their careers and contribute to the development of their communities.

In addition to its contributions to education, PCE has also been actively involved in inclusive education. Inclusive education is the most effective way to give all children a fair chance to go to school, learn and develop the skills they need to thrive.

PCE has over the years trained over thousands of teachers both hearing and visual inspired.

The 175th anniversary celebrations of Presbyterian College of Education is a time for reflection on the achievement of the institution over the years.