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NEWS IN : GES Sued By 162 Teachers Over Legacy Arrears – Full Details

GES Sued By 162 Teachers Over Legacy Arrears

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has been sued by 162 teachers over its failure  to pay staff their legacy arrears.

Per the writ of summon by the High Court of Justice – Accra, the plaintiffs, Joseph Henry Quansah,  Aful Patrick, William Mensah, and Peter Charlse Kweku Arthur on behalf of the 158 others have commanded the defendants, the Ghana Education Service per the Director General and the Attoney General of Justice that  with eight (8) days after service of this writ should appear in court.

According to the various teacher unions, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has been playing games with teachers over the years and enough is enough.


1. The Plaintiffs are professional teachers who bring this action for and on behalf
of themselves and 158 other professional teachers whose names and details
are annexed to this Writ of Summons.

2. The Defendant is the employer of all the 162 Plaintiff teachers herein.

3. The Plaintiffs state that they have been employed and working as employees
of the Defendant for many years and the Defendant owes them salary arears
which is termed legacy arears spanning many years.

4. The Plaintifs further state that upon demand for the payment of the legacy
arrears, the Defendant instructed the Plaintiffs herein to send their names and
other documents/data to the Defendant for the legacy arrears to be paid.

5. The Plaintiffs have therefore sent their documents/data to the Defendant as
requested by the Defendant but the Defendant has refused and or failed to pay
the legacy arrears to the Plaintiffs.

6. The Plaintiffs aver that in March 2016, their threats of a strike action resulted
in a validation exercise at Mensvic Grand Hotel at East Legon, Accra, Smayak
Hotel at Apam, Ghana National Association of Teachers Office at Nungua and
the office of Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.

About The Legacy Arrears

Legacy arrears is the outstanding salary arrears for teachers which were accumulated from September 2013. These arrears were salaries for teachers who were recruited from 2013 to 2018. Three months salaries were paid to the teachers after working for six months to twenty-four months, the intention was to pay those teachers three months salary after which their documents will be inspected to avoid ghost names, the teachers involved have submitted their documents several times and some have received their payment and others are yet to received.

Some teachers have lost their lives to road accidents in the course of submitting documents to the Ghana Education Service IPPD unit for verification. Anytime money is released for the payment, GES requests the affected teachers to resubmit their documents for verification, we hope this time teachers will not be asked to resubmit their documents, asking teachers to resubmit documents is one of the delay tactics.

The teacher unions took it upon themselves to compile the list of teachers who are yet to receive their legacy arrears. The teacher unions sent a circular with a template for the affected teachers to fill and attached their payslip, appointment letter as proof. The compilation was done in March 2021 after the government requested the list for payment.

Since then the Ghana Education Service has turned a blind eye to the payment of the arrears to the affected teachers.

Source: Honestynewgh.com

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