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Let’s Prioritise Sex Education of Teenagers – Women’s Advocate Urges Teachers & Parents

A woman advocate,  Rosemond Obeng who is well-known as “people’s mother” has urged teachers and parents on the need to prioritise sex education in our schools and communities.

The programme took place on August 20, 2022 and was put together by the Greater Accra National Service Personnel Association in the Ada East Community.

Attendees for the programme were, students from the junior and senior high schools, together with some parents and teachers as well as chiefs and queens in the Ada East community.

According to Rosemond Obeng, it is unfortunate that students are not educated on the fundamentals of sex education approach in Ghana.

Parents and teachers virtually mention and teach children about parts of their bodies such as hands, legs, nose, etc but shy away from the private parts.

She explained that the effect of the silence culture on the private parts results in misinformation when children and teenagers seek answers from all the wrong places.

“Parents and teachers to be open-minded and teach children all they need to know from growing up – so that when they start exploring their private parts, they would be knowledgeable to properly understand the dangers of having unprotected sex and most importantly how to indulge in safe sex”, she said.

She added that Ghanaian parents assume high moral standards for their wards thinking that their children remains virgins till marriage.

“This assumption is arche in this 21st century since most children even engage in sexual activities even before they reach their adolescent age”, she added.


Source : Honestynewsgh.com

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