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JUST IN: Teachers To Return All The Inferior Laptops To Leaders Of The 3 Greedy Teacher Unions And Reject Those That Are Yet To Come

Aggrieved members of the  three greedy and selfish teacher unions are calling on all teachers who have already received the said laptops to return all the laptops back to those who supplied them.

Members wish to inform all teachers that those  who have not received these laptops should resist any attempt to enforce these laptops on them. The reason is that , information available which some of them are currently in court indicates that government has not paid any money towards these purchase of these laptops. What they have done is to effect convinced and connived with the three teacher unions to use our own teachers’ Pension fund ( ie Tier 2 ) which we have all contributed to make an upfront payment for the purchase of these laptop to create an impression that government has paid her 70% part of the total cost.

This is unfortunate and gross disrespect to the teacher. Any teacher who decides to accept this laptop is in effect forfeited part of his/her pension tier 2 money.

Now all teachers have been deducted Gh509.55 from our November salary as 30% of the cost of one laptop. This clearly shows that teachers unknowingly have inconspicuously paid fully the 100% cost of the laptops. A clear deceit on the part of the govt and the teacher unions.

During the launching of these laptops, government informed the whole world that he is supplying teachers with laptops and they captured it as “one teacher, one Laptop”. Little did we know that teachers have actually purchased all these laptops with our own money. Even the actual price of one of their laptops keeps on fluctuating.

They can’t tell us how they arrived at the GHC509.55 deduction. Because 30% of GHC1550 = GHC465, a diffence of Gh44.55. When this GHC44.55 is multiplied by the number of teachers, they will get Ghc15,592,500. Which is a very huge money.

Everything is now clear that we can’t trust the 3 unions, govt and all those involved in this deal. We smell a calculated attempt to create, loot and share.
Therefore GES, MoE, GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT and all the allied companies should stop with immediate effect ,the distribution of these questionable laptops to allow for proper investigation and court settlement of all the issues.

On this note we are humbly calling on all teachers irrespective of where you belong to help in the fight to sanitize the rot in the system.

Teachers should not accept the laptop and try to circulate this on all the social media platforms to help the fight of this course.

✍️Aggrieved members the three teacher unions.

Source: Honestynewgh.com


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