GES Releases Procedures Or Steps To Do Your Self – Placements.

Obtain a placement pin code from an approved vendor.

Log on into


Enter you your index number and add 20 as the year of completion.

Example 123456789020


Enter the pin code details that is the (serial and pin).

Click on Submit to start your process.

If you dont any of you choices selected during the school selection, you will be redirected into the self placement portal. From the portal, select a school by providing the information below.

I. Region

II. Presidential preference

III. School

IV. Programme of choice

V. Click on submit

VI. Print the form and visit the school for admission process.

You can change school and use your placement checker once than once, there is no limit to them but once you visit the school and submit all your details to them you cant change or do anything about the school again.

What You Must Know On Placement.

A candidate who did not get any of the choices selected through automatic placement should proceed to self placement portal.

Self placement is a process that gives such candidates an opportunity to go into the CSSPS portal to select from schools with Available vacancies.

Features Of Self Placement

I. Only schools with available vacancies are displayed on the portal.

II. Schools with vacancies will be displayed for candidates to choose base on their aggregate.

III. Schools shown have their location and residential options available.

IV. Candidates can change schools as many times as possible depending on available spaces. The changes CEASE immediately a candidate enrols in a school.

The Self – Placement Process

A candidate logs into the system using their index number. The candidate chooses their residential preference. i.e Day or Boarding.

a. If a candidate selects Boarding, all schools with boarding vacancies will be displayed.

b. If a candidate selects Day, there will be a drop down menu for the candidate to select.

I. Day within Catchment Area; Or

II. Day outside Catchment area.

c. The ‘Day within Catchment area’ option displays only schools with Day vacancies with 16km of the JHS the candidate attended. 

d. Day outside catchment area displays all schools with day vacancies. Before the ‘Day outside the catchment area’ option is affected, the candidate must confirm again if they intended to attend school outside their catchment area as a Day student.

e. Program of choice is selected.

After successfully going through this process, candidates then print the placement form and proceeds to the school enrolment.

Call the center numbers 0900 800 700 and030 298 7654