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FINALLY: Graduation Date For UCC 3-Semester Sandwich Students Revealed

UCC Reveals The Graduation Date For 3 -Semester Sandwich Programme Students

UCC Reveals The Graduation Date For 3 -Semester Sandwich Programme Students.

The management of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has on today 25th May, 2022 revealed the graduation date for the pioneers of the UCC 3-Semester Programme students.

According to the  information from the  leadership of the Student’s Representative Council (SRC) of the various campuses, the graduation ceremony will host students of both first and second cohorts.

The management of UCC has scheduled the graduation ceremony on August 2022 at UCC Main Campus.


1. Students must check the progress of their results by clicking on the blue link below to see whether there is a course that needs to be completed.


2. Only students who have passed all their courses will be allowed to graduate.

3. Students must have completed their Continuous Assessment. Hence those with IC issues will be corrected by UCC before the graduation day.

4. Students who are unable to submit their term papers are advised to hand them over to their centre coordinators for submission.


Source: Educandghana.net

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