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Inhuman Abuse: 10 years old boy rescued after been chained alongside animals by his two stepmothers for 2 years

A demonic and horrible case of child abuse has just been recorded in Kebbi State, in Northwest Nigeria. This abuse has been ranked as the worst in Nigeria and could be a possible nominee in the Guinness Book of Records.

A ten (10) years old boy, Jibril Aliyu was chained in a pen with domestic animals for 2 years and survived by feeding on his own faeces and the animals food remains.

According to report, a supposed father and two wives gave this animalistic and inhuman treatment to the young boy who lost his mother in the polygamous home.

The boy was only 8 years old when he was thrown into the animal pen by his own biological father. He was brutally maltreated by these same people like an animal to the extent that he was feeding on his own faeces and remnants food of animals for survival, until he was rescued by some Human Right Activists.

As a result of these monstrous and barbaric treatment he was subjected to, he has entirely lost his senses and behaves exactly like an animal.

His two evil stepmothers, together with his father are currently in police custody. While the 10 years old boy Jibril is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the Federal Medical Center at Birnin Kebbi.

I hereby, as an individual pray that these culprits face the full wrath of the law.

#justice for Jibril.