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NEWS IN: Government to introduce 6-year secondary education system beginning 2023- Edu. Minister

The Minister of Education,  Dr. Osei Adutwum has hinted on a proposed long term plan of Reforming Ghana’s Education as what is described as a Six (6) Year  Secondary Education System.

According to the Minister, this Government’s plans of piloting a six-year secondary education system will begin in 2023.

Speaking to the press, the Minister of Education, Yaw Osei Adutwum said this system will be piloted at 15 sites and is envisioned to be more efficient and cost-effective.

“We have 13,000 Junior High Schools. If these reforms go on as planned, we are going to reduce to about 2,500,” Dr. Adutwum said.

“In all medium-sized communities and towns, we are going to change the space by ensuring we do an amalgamation and bring together all the Junior High Schools, put them under the same management in the same building. When you bring 12 schools together and put them under one umbrella; you have one headmaster, you can get a school bus for them, you can get a pickup for the headmaster. You can have an office manager. You have a more efficient organization.”

“putting people at the same level does not mean you are creating an equitable system if you do not provide the opportunity for people who are disadvantaged to really improve.”

In his view, “by the time they get to high school, they are not prepared for high school work, and they all know that.”

Source: CityNews

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