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TTAG Speaks on The Outcome of The Engagement With PRINCOF on Feeding Grant of Teacher Trainees Allowance

In our last edition of journal we informed trainees on the said engagement between the leadership of Teacher Trainees Association Of Ghana (TTAG) and the leadership of Conference of Principals of Colleges of Education ( PRINCOF).

In a press release by the Secretariat, the leadership sought to inform trainees on the outcome of the meeting. Some highlight capture from the release includes the following.

We TTAG wish to express our dissatisfaction in respect to the decision of Principals across the 46 Colleges of Education to deny all level 100 and 200 teacher trainees of their feeding components of the teacher trainees allowance usually paid to the Colleges for the purpose of feeding the students. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic the students had to engage themselves in e- learning at their various homes so were not fed by their various colleges.

This has become a major issue for leadership and membership alike. We met the leadership of Principals at Koforidua last week with the intention of finding an amicable solution for the problem but all appeals to the Principals to resind their decision failed. As a result,  on Friday, 21st of  August 2020, we met the Executive Secretary of the National Council for Tertiary Education at his office to present our case to him.

Also, we presented before him our call for the extension of the revision period in order to afford Collegians enough time to prepare their end of semester exams. TTAG remains hopefully that sooner or later we will hear positive response from NCTE and we will not hesitate to inform our membership across the country.

In conclusion, TTAG admonishes all teacher trainees to remain calm and be rest assured that we will do everything in our capacity to ensure that all their concerns are addressed appropriately.

Source: TTAG Secretariat