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The Main Purpose Of The Professional Development Allowance -NAPO- A must read by all teachers.

The government has introduced a Professional Teacher Allowance (PTA) of GH¢1,200 per year for professional teachers and GH¢600 per year for non-professional teachers to deepen their commitment and spur professional growth.

According to the Minister of Education, the allowance will enable teachers to invest in improving and upgrading their skills and keeping abreast of modern trends to assist in improving learning outcomes.


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However, the truth of the matter is that despite the official broadcast of the payment of the allowance by the minister, there are many things that teachers need to take into much consideration. It seems that the purpose of this allowance had been either been misunderstood or misplaced in terms of communication.

The teacher is made to understand that even the retention premium was not broadcast the way this new allowance was broadcast. Politics is beginning to take the center stage in the matter as the season present the biggest opportunity for political actors to reap the needed capital.


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To set the record straight, the teacher must understand that the professional allowance is solely meant to cater for our CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to be organized by NTC. In the CPD, a teacher is supposed to attend certain IN-SETs and other programs to score points that will enable him or her renew his or her license.

In as much that we are in a haste to see the money reflect in our account, we must not lose sight of the fact that the allowance is not meant to be spent on our daily living. Teachers must also understand that the money comes once in a year. Every teacher is expected to complete a minimum of fifty points enough for him or her to renew his or her license.

It is however disheartening to see the manner in which politics had taken twists and turns on the situation. The argument many teachers are making is that certain unwarranted deduction had occurred on their payslip on the peanut allowance with all its noise. As a teacher, I felt a bit uneasy about the development but later realize that fair wages through the Ghana Education Service are trying effortlessly to reverse the anomaly.


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As professionals we must exercise a lot of restrain in terms of allowing ourselves to be swayed by the political environment on something that was considerate on the part of the government.

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