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Teachers Should Remain Silent About The Hot Meal, Their Unions Are Toothless – EAI RELEASE-

I find it too difficult, problematical embarrassing, uncomfortable and it baffles me how teachers are being tractable in this country. It is too disgusting, stinging and stinking. It worries me to know that teachers are among those who receive the worst condition of service in this country.

As far as this fine decision by the President, that’s the general feeding of the J.H.S 3 students and teachers is concerned due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, teachers are asking that they should be given a special package rather than food but it seems there is no one ready to respond to their call. This is very demoralizing and skanky!

We have to take a hypercritical look at this issue and see how far we can make the teaching profession one of the best lucrative jobs in the country.

Most Teachers are descending heavily on the President to respond to their plight. Is a moment full of discouragements and disappointments for the teachers which may affect their level of motivation.

Personally, I would like to inform my fellow hardworking teachers to confront their unions instead but not the President. The Unions had the opportunity to meet the President at the Jubilee House but couldn’t asked for anything better for the teachers. Besides, the Unions are supposed to speak out about such sensitive issues on your behalf. They can channel your grievances to the president. They only consider their stomach. What they know is to declare strike with weak concerns.

I therefore charge the Teacher Unions to act on this issue quickly since they are sitting closer to the President. To the gentleman of the land, Nana Addo, the President of Ghana, with all due respect, I urge you to respond to the cries of the Teachers. They deserve better!

I am a citizen of Ghana. Ghana first.


Boadi William
President of Educate Africa Institute (EAI), Educationist and Motivational Speaker.