Schedule reopening of schools to accommodate all students – TUTAG

The Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG) has suggested that the reopening of schools be scheduled so tertiary institutions can contain the large number of SHS graduates scheduled to enter university.

According to the National President of TUTAG, Dr. Michael Brigandi, this way, the school facilities can support the large number of students expected.


“I will suggest that, if the admissions are actually high, in terms of numbers, the reopening should be staggered as they did for first years but if the tertiary institutions are able to absorb the numbers, it will be good for everyone to come, but our facilities need to meet the large numbers that we are expecting.”

He also stressed that if the reopening of schools is to be done with caution, a partial one should be considered owing to the large number of SHS graduates expected to gain admission into the country’s various tertiary institutions.


“This is a year of free SHS graduates and that means that we are going to have a lot of students coming into the tertiary institutions so there is the fear that if these institutions should admit much greater numbers than before, or even their full capacities especially with the Coronavirus still around us is very dangerous.”

The President of the University of Ghana branch of the University Teachers Association of Ghana, Dr. Samuel Nkubaan, also proposed a complete resumption of schools on a shift basis to deal with the large numbers of freshmen expected.

“The various universities are only looking at their numbers and looking at what we can do in terms of ensuring that we do not unduly put staff and students at risk of COVID-19. Not much has happened in terms of expansion in infrastructure and so the universities will have to be innovative in dealing with the situation. Much of the work will also have to be done online to avoid physical contact. We also will have to do a double track where half of the population will be brought to campus and everything will be done online.”

Source: City news.