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Our father killed our mother, went to jail and left us homeless. The sad story of 3 kids

Alice and brothers who are now homeless after their father killed their mother and made them homeless. Alice now has to take the responsibility as the elderly child to raise her siblings like parents do.

Well it is not a normal thing for a girl at this age to be raising her younger siblings all by herself, but what happened to them is something very terrible. You could see it in her face when she was talking about it. Their own father mercilessly murdered their mother in cold blood, they never forget that day when they had to run for their lives with fear that he would kill them too.

The second born is called Emmanuel and he is 13 years old and the last born called Emarglo is 10 years old. These two goes to school because the government have made it free for kids in the village who cannot afford to pay school fees. Alice could have enjoyed such as well but because of the burden she had to drop out of school to manage their home. She has to find food for them each and every day which is not easy at her age.

Before they went into this they had a family, a father and mother who cared and they lived happily. Later on things mysteriously changed and their father turned into something they had no idea about but can relate to the devil.

According to Alice, his father always had an affair with women and whenever their mother confronts him he start to fight with her in front of them. They fought each and every day in front of their children and it was not something they called good at all. This went on for a very long time and their mother couldn’t endure any more beating so she decided to leave with the kids.

Their father refused to let the children go with her and told her to leave to wherever she want to go. She couldn’t leave her kids so she decided to go and live across the street her she can always see her children and talk to them. Her husband brought in another woman but according to the children she mistreated them and they wished to go join their mother where she was.

When their mother realized that her children were being tortured, she had to do something about it. Obviously she couldn’t watch her children being treated like that and do nothing even though she doesn’t have the strength to fight her husband and the other woman. So she decided to go to the police to report this abuse. But before she could do that something happened.

Her husband kept his eyes on her since she was living across the street. He grabbed a knife and followed her slowly down the path but she had no idea at all. He got close to her and stabbed their mother to death with the mother screaming for help and the kids as well until she died. The kids were scared and had to run for their life.

Their father did not go free anyway, he was arrested and later was taken to jail. They do not know how long their father was jailed because they were too young and couldn’t make it to the court. They started to live life on their own because they had nothing else to do.

Now their elder sister is their bread winner and does everything for them. She sells donuts in the streets, which is not enough to take care of their needs. Sometimes she hardly manages to get food for her brothers. If food is a problem then it means they are really suffering. They rarely wash their clothes and not to talk of getting new ones. Her brothers get the worse results in their school due to their situation.

Source: Honestynewsgh.com

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