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Official Release: GES Releases Fresh Notice To All Teachers Concerning Upgrading Processing.- A must read by all teachers

The management of Ghana Education Service (GES) has officially released a fresh statement notifying all teachers in the service on what to do before upgrading processing from Senior Superintendent to Principal Superintendent (PS).

The release follows a lot of petitions and cry out from both the Teacher Unions and teachers on the issue of upgrading, thus teachers who have completed their further studies and have not been upgraded to their respective ranks since the year of completion.


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1. Some of the teachers have their upgrading to PS letters signed by a District/Municipal/Metro Director. The affected teachers should apply to the Regional Director for PS upgrading letter.

2. Teachers should attach their current pay-slips

3. Teachers who obtained Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) or Senior Superintendent ll in
2014 can apply to PRINCIPAL SUPERINTENDENT in 2020 with their degree certificates

4. Example: A teacher has obtained degree certificate and has applied for Principal Superintendent letter

a. If you receive the application, please check the year he/she obtained the DBE

b. Note that some teachers obtained the DBE two (2) or three (3) years before their appointment In such instances use the effective date on the 1st appointment letter

5. Please use this table as a guide

6. You should verify (crosscheck) the timelines on his/her records before you process
applications for upgrading.

7. Please, if the teacher does not qualify with respect to the timelines (years) do not submit the application to the Regional Director

8. Tell them to wait to meet the conditions (timelines)

9. If you fail to tell them, you will be given them false-hope because they will be waiting for
their upgrading letters which might not be processed.

10. They will be worrying you on a number of occasions (Phone calls etc). So do the right
thing and be free.
11. f you check and the teacher qualifies, please, attach the following to the application
before you submit to the REGIONAL DIRECTOR.

a. First appointment letter

b. Application letter from the teacher

C. Director’s recommendation letter (Cover Letter)
d. The Degree certificate (Certified)
e. Diploma in Basic Education Certificate (Certified)
f. WASSCE (Certified)

g. Transcript (Certified)
h. Brochure from the University office

i. Current Pay-slip (Certified)
j. Personal Records form duly filled and signed by District Director


a. A teachers completed DBE in 2015

He was appointed into GES on September, 2018
He obtained his degree in October, 2018. That teacher can apply for upgrading in 2023

b. Mensah Stephen was promoted to Senior Superintendent 1 on September, 2016. He obtained D.Ed certificate in September, 2016. He has applied for upgrading to PS in February, 2020. Mensah should wait till 2022.


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C. Joseph Marfo completed BSc Biological Science in March, 2000.
He was appointed into GES in 2000. He is on Senior Superintendent I Non Professional as at 2020.

He is now applying for Ps Non-Professional
He qualifies to be upgraded to PS but it’s long Overdue.

According to his personal records forms he has not broken service. Please investigate such people very well before you process.

d. A teacher has applied for PS in July, 2020 with his degree certificate. He did not attach DBE Certificate or SS Il or SS! letter No appointment letter

In such situations it is difficult to determine whether he qualifies or not.

Please do not submit incomplete applications or records to REGIONAL OFFICE

e. Grace Antwi was appointed into GES in May, 2011. She obtained her B.ED Certificate in May, 2013.

District Director signed her PS letter effective 1/09/2014.

she is on P’s grade on her pay-slip.

Grace should apply to the REGlONAL DIRECTOR for a new upgrading letter.  If she fails to apply, she cannot be promoted again.

HRS, please verify or critically examine records of teachers to be sure that the applicants qualify  before the applications are submitted to the REGIONAL DIRECTOR.


Read the full release below


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