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NTC To Start Distribution Of License To In-Service Teachers, Those In The system For Less Than Five Years And Those with Referred Papers.

The National Teaching Council (NTC) is a body mandated by the Education Act 2008 (Act 778), Section 9 to improve professional standards and status of teachers and to license and register teachers in Ghana.

The National Teaching Council (NTC) is admonishing all teachers from the various Colleges of Education who are in the system for less than five (5) years and still have  referred papers to write should do that as soon as possible.

According to NTC, teachers who have referred papers to write should find a professional course and enrol quickly.

If not, they are still considered as pupil teachers and their license will not be given to them. Therefore, In-service teachers who had their appointment before 2018 are not supposed to write the license exams including teachers in private schools.

Anyone to be accepted into any school as teacher must have licences including private schools.