NTC: Mandatory Courses To Be Completed By Teachers to Renew Their License – A must read by all teachers.

National Teaching Council has Released Mandatory Courses to be Completed by Teachers to Renew their license.

The National Teaching Council (NTC) is a body mandated by the Education Act 2008 (Act 778), Section 9 to improve professional standards and status of teachers and to license and register teachers in Ghana.

According to information accumulated by HonestyNewsGh, the National Teaching Council is to introduce a new points-based assessment to determine which license holding staff of the Ghana Education Service qualifies to renew his or her NTC License if it expires or becomes due for renewal.


Nationa Teaching Council (NTC) has issued license to all teachers who were in the service before the introduction of Teacher licensing program. The license issued to the teachers is set to expire in three years.

Teacher Continuous Professional Development (TCPD) plan is a list of training courses and activities with respective timelines that intend to embark on within the TCPD cycle.



Teachers can update their Teacher Continuous Professional Development (TCPD) plan by adding to or removing from scheduled training courses and activities.

Data from Teacher Continuous Professional Development (TCPD) plans helps organizations to plan TCPD programs based on teachers priorities

Below are mandatory courses teachers have to complete in order to renew their License

1. Instructional Methods

2. Information and Communication Technology

3. Classroom Based Assessment

4. Subject Content and Methodology

The license fee was deducted from teacher professional allowance that was paid in November, 2020.

The need for the renewal of the license is to aid teachers to develop both professional and personal competencies that will improve their quality, effectiveness, and efficiency at regular intervals. This, when achieved, will empower them to improve their skills and knowledge. This is expected to translate into better job delivery and student improvement.


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Teachers are to visit their NTC portal to activate their license.

Source : Honestynewsgh