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I love Clemento Suarez because he is a fool – Girlfriend

Expressing their love confidently for each other on the Go online show hosted by Sammy Kay, comedian and EMY award winner Clemento Suarez and his girlfriend Sylvia announced their plan to tie the knot.

Sylvia disclosed that she has known Clemento Suarez for the past 4 years dating back from their days on the University of Ghana campus.

As a student of fine arts and majoring in management, Clemento Suarez’s fiancee, Slyvia, revealed that she manages Clemento from head to toe and added she is very much okay with him as a partner despite people’s assertion and description of him as a “fool”.

She asserted comedy is a profession hence the description of Clemento Suarez as a “fool” means his output and performance as an entertainer is very good and recommendable.