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How To Change From One Teacher Union To The Other – Check Out The Procedure

The purpose of Teacher’s Unions is generally to be strong, unified advocating body for teacher unions. Unions advocate for teachers but have interest in the functioning of the overall education system.

As part of the new entrance as a newly government worker, you are required to fill a form to choose an Association you will like to belong to pertaining to your agency or department.

For teachers in the Education sector, your agency and department will be the Ministry of Education or Ghana Education Service respectively.

Under this agency and department, there are associations that every teacher needs to join for some important reasons. These associations include, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT), Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) etc.

Procedures To Change Your Association

1. Log on to the Gogpayslip website. www.gogpayslip.com

2. Sign in by entering your Staff-ID Password and Security Code.

3. On your payslip dashboard, click CHANGE OF ASSOCIATION FORM

4. In the new window opened, click on SELECT NEW ASSOCIATION

5. Select the new association you want to join

6. Click on SEND to submit your application to CAGD

By clicking send, you confirm that change.

For that confirmation, the appropriate dues will be deducted from your salary with effect to that new association.

Source: Honestynewsgh