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GSS begins recruitment of trainers for censuses

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) is currently recruiting prospective trainers to participate in a pre-certification training programme for trainers for the upcoming censuses.

The pre-certification programme is being offered for both National Trainers (trainers of Regional trainers) and Regional Trainers (trainers of Field Officers).

The pre-certification programme will equip selected applicants with the tools to effectively communicate key concepts to other trainers and to enumerators. In addition, critical topics such as presentation skills, virtual presentation skills, classroom management, leadership and management and communicating effectively will be part of the training content.

The pre-certification of trainers will make them eligible for participation in training for other national censuses and surveys of the Statistical Service

This programme will combine virtual training with in-person modules and will run from 5th October 2020 to 5th February 2021 for National Trainers and from 7th November to 5th March for Regional Trainers.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis until 25th September 2020 for National Trainers and 23rd October for Regional Trainers.

A statement from GES declares that , “the Ghana Statistical Service provides quality, relevant, accurate and timely statistical information for the purpose of national development”.

“The generation of statistical information requires the utilization of field personnel who must be trained in the knowledge, understanding and application of the instruments for data collection. The services of capable and competent trainers are critical to the data collection process,” the statement added.

The application process is free. Therefore, Eligible individuals with a postgraduate degree or equivalent experience as a trainer for census/surveys are encouraged to apply online through https://phc2020.statsghana.gov.gh”.