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Group attacks teacher, inflicts cutlasses wounds for seizing phone

Group attack on teachers is the last news teachers in Ghana want to hear at this time of the year. But it seems another wave of crimes against teachers in Ghana is breaking through the roof ones more as a group of young men attacked a teacher in the Eastern region. This incident was a retaliation to the teacher’s seizing of a mobile phone belonging to one of the students who was fidgeting with his phone whiles lessons were in session.

An eyewitness disclosed that the 18-year-old student was using the mobile phone in class while teaching was in session and that was wrong. The teacher seized the phone to ensure the student’s concentration and that of others during the lesson.

The student who was not happy with the turn of events in school went home and came back with a group of men carrying cutlasses and sticks to attack the teacher for seizing the phone.

Since the event, teachers at Okwenya M/A JHS in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region are leaving in fear after the group of young men stormed the school and attacked the teacher.

When the group invaded the school on Monday, November 2, 2020, they attacked a teacher, Mr. Eric Kpabitey, the very teacher who was teaching and instilling discipline and enforcing the law on the use of mobile phones. Derrick Akwetey, a JHS 2 student who is suspected to have invaded the school with the group.

When the group arrived in the school, they were wielding other dangerous weapons, were insisting that if the teacher doesn’t give out the phone to them, they will brutally assault him.

The school authorities are calling on GES and the security agencies to come to their aid as they are leaving in fear. Have the Ghana police made any arrests? Edulearnweb will keep you updated on future developments regarding this story.