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The Education Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, in an address to Parliament on 11th August 2020, disclosed that the government is set to introduce a new yearly allowance for teachers.

This allowance is being called the Professional Teachers Allowance and will be a one-time payment yearly.

In an open declaration he stated that, the focus on education and acquisition of essential 21st century skills for the new millennium learners is now pervasive than it was in the past , across the world.

Therefore “this allowance will enable teachers to invest in improving and upgrading their skills and keeping abreast with modern trends to assist in improving learning outcomes”.

In depth, Mr. Angel Carbonu, president of the National Association Of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) stated that the initiative will be part of the upcoming condition of service for teachers and it is expected to be signed within the next two weeks.

He added that, they have also taken into consideration the Professional requirements and  expectation of a professional teacher in license renewing.

Furthermore, Mr. Carbonu disclosed that the allowance would not go through any regional or district office education neither would it be sent to schools to be paid to the teachers but rather, it would be paid through the Controller and Accountant General.