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GNAT, TTAG to push for one year top up for diploma holders

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) General Secretary, Mr. Thomas T. Musah in an interview with the CoE Weekly Journal hinted on a possible one year top up for newly trained teachers with Diploma.

He said, “we have ever been where we are now before. Once upon a time, teachers with Cert ‘A’ had a problem with their juniors who started doing the Diploma. And instead of helping those with Cert ‘A’ get their Diploma, we delayed until they became juniors to those who were doing the Diploma. This time, we are saying that, we need to avoid that kind of situation again from arising”.

Therefore while some people are now studying to get degrees, let the Diploma start doing the one year top up. A curriculum should be designed to allow for the one year top up leading to the award of a degree. So that by the time their juniors come out, they will not be disadvantaged. We need to ensure equity and fairness. I am hoping and believing that GNAT and TTAG together, will push this issue to its fruitation” Mr. Musah added.

In other related development, HonestyNewsGh chanced on an article by the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT general secretary.

In his piece, he stated that contributions and inputs of  relevant stakeholders were sought, and a four-year Bachelor of Education degree, with its attendant curriculum, was fashioned out, to train teachers for the basic school system. The snag, however, is that holders of the DBE certificate from the colleges of education now in the field teaching were not considered in the scheme of things”.

He further added that, “Concerned citizens and the pre-tertiary education unions find this state of affairs unfortunate, as the DBE practitioners would be teaching the same content of the new educational system with their degree-holding counterparts. Again, they will now become subordinates to colleagues who were their juniors at the college and who will even enjoy higher salaries than they”.

He produced, “that there could be despondency in the schools, and learners will bear the brunt. This is why I am calling for a one-year top-up for the DBE holders to enable them to earn the Bachelor of Education degree”.

This will ensure they are not disadvantaged, and save them from the anxieties, worries and loss of self-esteem they may go through.