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GES Posting: Sample Acceptance Letter And Other Documents Required At The Regional Office

GES has released the postings for trained teachers from the colleges. However, recruitment will be completed after you have submitted your acceptance letter and other relevant documents to the regional office indicating that you have accepted the appointment.

Relevant Documents Required at The Regional Office.

The documents will be needed at the regional to complete your recruitment process. We also advise that you have a photocopy of whatever documents you send with you.

1. Acceptance Letter: This is a simple letter indicating that you have accepted appointment from Ghana Education Service including the place of postings. The acceptance letter should be typed and printed indicating the Reference Number on your appointment letter and name of your school posted to.

2. Appointment Letter: You are to print the Letter after checking your place of postings and have your photocopy along.

NB: No changes are expected to be made to the appointment letter.

Certificates Required at The Regional Office

Below are the certificates that will be required at the regional office to complete your postings.

1. College Certificate

2. National Service Certificate

3. NTC Certificate

4. Birth certificate or Baptismal Certificate


1. Photo copy of your SSNIT card

2. Personal record form, filled and endorsed

3. Passport picture

4. Medical report

5. Take your bank account number along Incase you are asked. Good luck.

Source : Honestynewsgh