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First Class not a yardstick for Ranking Colleges of Education in Ghana

The Colleges of Education Weekly Journal has been publishing First-Class from all the Colleges as released by the Institute of Education, UCC for the past three years. This publication aims to bring to bear how each College fared in terms of the number of First-Class their graduates had.

To enthuse readers in this phenomenon, the publication of the First Class from the various Colleges is ‘ranked’ on a Zonal basis and National level comparatively.


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The publication of these First-Class has not gone down well with some stakeholders, key among them is PRINCOF. There has been an uneasiness among the ranks of PRINCOF with some Principals not happy with the outcome of the publication, perhaps there were few First-Class from their Colleges.

It is instructive to note that, the publication of the ‘ranking’ of First Class is not a holistic ranking of Colleges of Education in Ghana. That is not the intent of the publication.

Readers should not however lose sight of the fact that since the inception of the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) in 2005 with the first batch graduating in 2007 and the upgrade of Training Colleges to Colleges of Education in 2012, Principals have boasted with the number of First-Class of graduating class during congregations. Some Principals have judged their performance base on the number of First-Class produced in each graduating year of their tenure in office.


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It is an undeniable fact that the Excellence Award Instituted by the Institute of Education of UCC has been used as the basis, over the years, for determining the best College. As Colleges that produced awardees were perceived as the best Colleges.

Probably, this might be the reason why some principals breached down the neck of PRINCOF as a body to express their displeasure about the recent publication of First-Class ‘rankings’ of the Colleges. The statistics of the First Class, to them, is a judgment of their performance.

The fundamental purpose of Tertiary Institutions is to develop the knowledge and skills that students need for professional, technical, and managerial positions. They ensure that human capital development meets the changing occupational needs of an increasingly knowledge-based society.

The expectation of every student, in a Tertiary institution, is to graduate and obtain a decent job to improve his or her earnings. Thus, the teaching and learning processes, as well as the outcomes, must promote problem-solving and creative thinking, understanding, and respect for human rights, inclusion, and equity all of which are essential to realizing peace, responsible citizenship, and sustainable development.


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Thus, First-Class is not a determinant for ranking institutions to determine their quality. Tertiary Institutions in Ghana had been ranked on various criteria. However, no criterion has been set to rank Colleges of Education.

We, therefore, call on PRINCOF and stakeholders not to be hard on themselves and their institutions because of their position in the First Class ‘ranking’ for this ranking is not a yardstick for determining the quality of the Colleges.


Source: CoEWJ Editorial Desk

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