Fameye and former boss, Ogidi Brown face-off at Antoa; tells elders plans to pay the $50,000

It seems like Ogidi Brown’s rants on Social media that he would curse his former artiste are no jokes and he would have actually done it if not for the intervention of the Antoa leaders.

Ogidi Brown had lost his school and threatened curses on his former artiste for refusal to pay him an amount if $50,000 that he owes him and he was going to do that at the famous Antoa shrine.


Moments after that statement went viral, it was reported that Fameye had been invited by the fetish priest at the Antoa shrine and lo and behold, Fameye heeded to that call and headed to Antoa today and even shared a photo of him posing by the Antoa town signage.

Celebritiesbuzz is reporting that Fameye and his former manager, Ogidi Brown have finally met with the elders in the town to find a resolution to their issue.


‘Fameye admitted that he indeed owes Ogidi Brown and that he’s willing to pay him the full amount”.

“Fameye promised to pay half of the amount in January 2021 after which he’ll pay the rest by March”

We gather that the meeting ended successfully without any fight or beef threre.

We hope Fameye will stick to his payment plan but from the photos below, they seem to have truly resolved things.

See the photos below:

Source: Ghbase