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Educational reforms: GES takes critical decision about private schools and diploma holders

The Deputy Director-General of Ghana Education Service (GES) in-charge of Managerial Services, Anthony Boateng, has revealed that private schools in the country are going to be taken out of their system as part of ongoing reforms in the sector.

Speaking at a GES Workshop on Secondary Education Improvement Project at Larteh in the Eastern region, he said the reforms include placing private schools under the National Inspectorate Board instead of the GES.

He said that by the reform, the GES will see private schools as competitors rather than regulator since the service cannot be a player and a referee at the same time.

“GES is the regulator of education at the pre-tertiary level and is supposed to ensure that all schools perform to standard. After the reforms, the GES will focus more on implementing policies and the programmes and will no longer be responsible for private schools,” he said.

Lawyer Boateng opined that from 2022, the GES will be posting only degree holders to schools and those with diploma will be given opportunity to upgrade themselves.

On whether or not those who are unable to upgrade will be sacked, he said that no teacher will be sacked but rather with time, those who will be unable to upgrade will be out of the system.