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Chatting A Ghanaian Lady Is Depressing; If You Don’t Ask A Question She Has Nothing To Say – Journalist Albert writes

Experts have always said that effective communication is the glue that binds relationships together.

Several theories supporting the fact that the absence of communication is the beginning of the collapse of every human institution of which relationship is key.

But the true fact about communication is the person you are communicating with. If that individual (Ghanaian lady) just waits for you to talk and talk and talk and just responds with a simplistic yet demoralizing answer like “Okay!” there you will realize how energy-sapping the entire process could be.

This is what every Ghanaian guy has to deal with on the regular when he is trying to establish a good rapport with that lady he just met for the first time. Ghanaian ladies (without fear of generalization) are very unreceptive to long  conversations.

See, if you meet a Ghanaian lady and you guys exchange contacts and you start getting to know each other, you will realize how they are just waiting to answer your questions.

For God sake, we are not having an interview session!!!!

I am still thinking of how ladies enjoy romantic fictional movies, they love to watch telenovelas but do not pick any of the conversation clues from it. Usually, Ghanaian men are called out by these same women who say they ask mundane yet unimportant questions.

Did you engage him in a conversation? Did you try to know more about him? What were your follow-up questions? These are questions as a lady you need to ask yourself before you point accusing fingers at men.

Every man just like every other human being responds to stimuli…when the vibe is right, the conversation lingers. See, when a Ghanaian lady visits a guy at his residence, you will understand how she is just there for the sake of it.

So, usually, this guy, knowing very well that this lady can’t start or sustain a conversation for a logical period will just proceed to make sexual advances. If they were to engage in conversation and laugh-offs, clearly, sex will be out of the picture.

The typical Ghanaian lady must move away from waiting to answer questions to learning and appreciating how to start, sustain and encourage engaging conversation with men. This is very important.

On the flip side, Thank you for reading tho but chale, things must change. I am off to engage my Caucasian lady friend…my guy, are you still gonna continue to vibe with your Ghanaian lady?

I wish you well.

Source: GhBase.com