Air purifying zone headset now available in US for $949

A person who dislike breathing in pollutants and don’t bother being stared at, then your time must have come as Dysons Zone headphones are finally available to buy in US.

It is the company’s first foray I to wearable Technology. The headphones includes sizeable visor that streches across the mouth to provide cleaner and safe air.


The visor’s ectrostatic filter is designed to remove up to 99 percent of pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and ozone. It works in tandem with the ear cups — as they draw in air, it gets filtered. Then two purified streams of air flow into your mouth and nose — so, be prepared to feel that air if you use it. You can change the speed with a button on the left ear cup. The filter lasts for up to 12 months and, notably, it doesn’t protect against COVID-19. A mask can be worn with it, but the product alone is not designed to block the virus.

The headphones comes with it own filter,  a USB-C super charging cable and a visor cleaning brush and sleeve. They are available in a colorway pressing blue and ultra and have a quarter turn hard case to keep persons very safe.


Again, the Dyson headphones can last for 50 hours with isolation or transparency noise cancelling options. Airflow can be controlled through the MyDysons App. It determines to the owner how much nitrogen dioxide is in the air.

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