2021 Recruitment: Applicants to Write Aptitude Test After Screening Exercise. Check out Test Areas, Sample Questions And Answers

Recruiting of persons into the Ghana Immigration Service has commenced. Applicants are made to pass through some stages before final list of successful persons are released.

Currently, applicants who were given notifications by the service through text messages are undergoing screening exercise which is the second stage. Afrter successful screening, persons would be given the chance to write an aptitude test to prepare them for the next stage.

It is noted that the recruitment and aptitude test stage is managed by the Ministry of Interior. The ministry gives clearance under the authority of the Presidents of Ghana. This test contains series of questions in several subjects or general knowledge.

The aptitude test is one of the stages of the recruitment process where applicants gets to test their knowledge after successful screening in a form of examination.

There will designated stations and schools provided to successful applicants to sit for the test.

Below are some sample questions and answers to give persons a fair idea of what to expect on the day of the aptitude test.

Areas to Look at in the Upcoming Ghana Immigration Aptitude Test

✍️General knowledge about the Immigration.

✍️Literacy knowledge.

✍️General Science.

✍️Numeracy knowledge & Arithmetic reasoning.

Sample Questions And Answers 

1.What is the Ghana Immigration Service command structure?

Answer: The Ghana Immigration Service command structure extends from the minister of interior in the government to commanders in the field.

Ghana Immigration Service units are stationed in the capital regions, and in Ghana’s border regions.

2. What is the structure of the Ghana Immigration Service?


Commissioner of Immigration

Deputy Commissioner of Immigration

Assistant Commissioner of Immigration

Chief Superintendent of Immigration

Superintendent of Immigration

Deputy Superintendent of Immigration

Assistant Superintendent of Immigration


Assistant Inspector

Immigration Control Officer

Assistant Immigration Control Officer I

Assistant Immigration Control Officer II

3. What is the organization of the Ghana Immigration Service?

Answer: The Ghana Immigration Service comprises of the Ghana Immigration Service general recruits and Ghana Immigration Service officers.

4. What was the number of Ghana Immigration Service recruits when it was established?

Answer: The Ghana Immigration Service was established in 1989 under PNDC Law 226 with about 650 active duty personnel in 1989

5. When was the Ghana Immigration Service established?

Answer : The Ghana Immigration Service was collectively established in 1989 in Accra, Ghana.

6. Who Was The First Commander Of The Ghana Immigration Service?

Answer : The Ghana Immigration Service started as the Immigration and Passport Unit of the Gold Coast Colonial Police Force under the command of Mr. Nevile C. Hill.

7. What are the aims and objectives of Ghana Immigration Service


CAUTION: Desist From GES Special Postings/ Reposting In The Upcoming 2021 Postings. Postings To Follow Last Year’s Criteria. – NQTT’s Told.

Answer: The Ghana Immigration Service as it is now called has as its motto “Friendship With Vigilance”.

The objectives of the Ghana Immigration Service are;

(i) To manage migration in the national interest;

(ii) To combat irregular migration; and

(iii) To promote national security.

Aptitude test on numeracy will involve logical reasoning, business maths and word problem.


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