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2021 Immigration recruitment: Applicants with stretch marks, tattoos and piercings disqualified

The Ghana Immigration Service [GIS] has disqualified applicants with stretch marks, tattoos and piercings on their bodies from being recruited in the ongoing 2021 recruitment exercise.

The second phase of the exercise is the body selection and document authentication process which saw applicants go through inspection phase to check their height and other physical features as well as the authenticity of their application documents such as their birth certificates and education certificates.

Chief Superintendent of GIS in Kumasi, Fiifi Ocran, disclosed to JoyNews that male and female applicants who were shorter than the 1.73 cm and 1.63 cm respectively were also turned away.

With reference to a disqualified male applicant, Fiifi Ocran said, “Because he wanted the system to pick him, he inputted a height which is not original so the system can qualify him. But that is why we are here to do the physical entering. So those who have manipulated the system, when we check, then we put you out.

He added, “The moment we disqualify you, the system closes your page automatically. So there is no way you can come back to go through the system.”

According to him, disqualifying candidates who have “altered” their body is a standard which has been enshrined in the GIS rules.

“There should be no piercing for males, that will automatically disqualify you. For female if there is more than one, you will automatically be disqualified. With tattoo, we would visibly disqualify you both male and female because it is part of the standards that was set,” Fiifi Ocran said.


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“The uniform has our own language and there are basic standards that we set, no tattoos, no double piercing, no excessive stretch marks and surgical scars,” he added.

Source: Ghanaweb.com

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